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3 Cognitive Activities to Help Enhance Your Memory

As a home care provider, we get the privilege to provide services to individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s and recovering from post-stroke. Both chronic conditions may cause cognitive deficits, which are changes in thinking, like difficulty solving problems. Cognitive deficits may also include dementia and memory loss. Caring With Miracle Hands specializes in cognitive behaviors. With our wealth of knowledge, it allows us to put together a program that will help enhance your loved ones’ cognitive thinking skills while enjoying themselves. Here are 3 activities that will help.

1.5 WORDS (post-stroke patient)

Once a day, have mom or dad pick 5 different categories of something (i.e types of music). Then have them write down 15 choices. Once they finished their 5 categories with 15 choices in each, have them choose 5 words from each category. Once they have chosen their 5 words, have them write those 5 words down on a separate sheet of paper. Let them read over those words 5 times and then remove the words from their sight. Talk about a different subject for about a minute or 2 and then go back to those words and have them recall them back to you from their memory. It might be frustrating for them at first, however, the more you do it with them, their memory will get better and it will help boost their confidence.

2. MINDWARE GAMES (Alzheimer ‘s patient)
Qwirkle is a mix, match, and score family game. However, it is great for Alzheimer’s/dementia patients. It allows them to match shapes and colors. Yes, it sounds simple however, someone suffering from this disease is not so simple for them and sometimes, it can be frustrating. That is why it’s important to know what stage of Alzheimer’s mom or dad is in to determine if this would be a good memory exercise for them.

Everyone has some type of activity or hobbies they love to do either by themselves or with family. Try to think back on what your mom or dad use to enjoy. One of our clients loves flowers and gardening. However, due to her condition, she is no longer able to get out and do it by herself. So our caregiver will assist her outside and they will plant together. The caregiver will dig up the dirt while she holds the tools or sometimes, she will assist the client with digging up the weeds from her wheelchair. This is a great way to exercise the brain its called reminiscing. She could to tell the caregiver how to plant the flower from memory.

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