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Pneumonia: What Seniors Need to Know

There are certain serious health conditions that we often associate with older adults. Heart disease and cancer are a few that top the list. But one that may not seem as obvious has the potential to be just as life-threatening as others in the category. Why Are Seniors Susceptible? There are certain serious health conditions … Continue reading

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3 Cognitive Activities to Help Enhance Your Memory

As a home care provider, we get the privilege to provide services to individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s and recovering from post-stroke. Both chronic conditions may cause cognitive deficits, which are changes in thinking, like difficulty solving problems. Cognitive deficits may also include dementia and memory loss. Caring With Miracle Hands specializes in cognitive behaviors. With … Continue reading

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How To Care For Your Parents In The Comfort of Their Home

The time has flown by and now you are caring for your mom and or dad. Your siblings are out of state and you are left feeling all alone and 100% responsible for their well-being. So you step up to the plate and put on the many hats and juggle all of the balls thrown … Continue reading

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